Head's Message

Attending St Stithians Junior Preparatory marks the beginning of your child's journey through the College. These early years of schooling promise to be a happy and fulfilling experience for you and your child.

Our aim is to make our school a place where all people feel welcome and valued: a place of security and love, where children's dreams are realised.

The Junior Preparatory school aims to develop the child as a whole; educationally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our philosophy encompasses the essence of a holistic learning environment that is multicultural. Each child's individual needs and talents are taken into consideration. We seek to implement lifelong values, a stable academic platform from which to work and sound self-esteem. An important part of the school's philosophy is to provide for the development of basic skills in key learning areas.

From the outset, the children work through a natural process of experimentation and risk-taking, in an environment where they have control, choice and support. They have the freedom to build on their prior experiences. The environment is structured to allow for every child to experience success as a learner, to cope with diversity and to develop sensitivity to gender differences.

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