Arts Festival Synergy Day

March 03, 2017 | Girls’ Preparatory | Author: Sian May

The February Arts Festival was another successful celebration of synergy between the Girls' and Boy's Prep and provided an opportunity for hands-on exploration of the diverse Arts and Culture in South Africa. From Zumba and Gumboot dancing, to drumming circles and mosaic making, the girls and boys had a fun-filled day of surprises and delights.

Gumboot training

The children attempting the gumboot dance

The Girls' College choir and Boys' College Dukes enthralled us all with their powerful voices and unique creativity and have no doubt inspired our preparatory school children to aim for places in these prestigious groups! The Grade 3's were spellbound with their 'silent disco' experience and one of the boys was overheard saying to a girl, 'This disco is the best party I've been to in forever!'  Theatre Sports provided a zany experience of improvisation drama and stretched the Grade 5's imaginations beyond the realms of what they believed possible and who could forget the fun they had with rocket launching, whilst simultaneously soaking some of their dedicated teachers? Our Synergy Day Arts Festival is an undisputed favourite on the school calendar and we are already looking forward to what 2018's offering has in store for us!