Boys’ Prep: Home to a Positive School Climate

March 29, 2017 | Boys’ Preparatory | Author: Quinton Pascoe

It is my sincere hope that any visitor to our school or any current parent can see our positive climate in action.

What a gift it is to observe our staff in action. While they prepare for the end of term, report comments, final assessments, lesson preparation and continuing our busy extra mural timetable; they still remain committed to foster a positive school climate. Why?

Simply put: They enjoy their boys and acknowledge that a positive climate will encourage our boys to reach their full potential.

What signs affirm my opinion that our physical spaces, staff engagement, parent and boy’s role reflects this optimistic milieu:

  • Our staff work together to carry out the shared vision of our College—and make it fun!
  • We are aware that our staff, boys and parents have minds of their own, and we can’t make them feel optimistic on command. Instead we work purposefully each day with enthusiasm and care to put into action, and environment that encourages engagement, collaboration and the celebration of our differences.
  • I watch the interactions between staff and boys; a tone of mutual respect and trust is evident- our boys are happy to be at school and our staff enjoys their calling to serve.
  • Our boys are engaged in their learning and enjoy the curriculum we offer. The boys embrace the technology which extends our learning. We focus on social-emotional learning and work towards inclusivity. We aim to see each unique boy.
  •  The flipped classroom and our teaching spaces (both formal and informal) are clean, orderly and inviting.
  • An attitude of appreciation to our ground staff and cleaning staff is present.
  • Our Honour code, fruits of the spirit and our values are not just physically displayed around the school but are used to guide our interactions with stakeholders and to enhance our teaching and learning. They are entrenched as part of our DNA.
  • Positive discipline is maintained. We look to affirm healthy behaviour and discourage unfavorable behaviour.
  • Bullying and litter is on the decrease, staff attendance is extremely healthy, focused boys walk our corridors with an upbeat boyish step.
  • Our boys remember their manners and reflect sportsmanship and a love for our art, drama and music offering.
  • Happy fulfillment is on display.

Still not convinced? …

 I’m sure the images in the gallery will support the thoughts in the article.

Thank you boys, staff and parents. We have created a beautiful school, a second home.

Mr. Q Pascoe

Deputy Headmaster