Boys' Prep: Open Water Polo Team

October 10, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

My approach to our Prep First Team Polo has been to guide our boys towards embracing the concept of changing the yardstick of success.

Winning is important, but it must become secondary to striving to achieve personal goals. This is the fundamental principle for each boy to accept as we develop our passion for polo.

The focus has been that boys must see success in terms of achieving their own goals and contributing towards goals set by the team.

By focusing on achieving personal goals, I hope boys will be guided towards control over an important part of their sport participation—their own success.

Realistic goals become important. Polo like most sports is full of competitive pressures, parental influences and teammate influences. The boys are frequently reminded that they must keep a realistic perspective on their goals. Team goals then become the extension of personal goals – naturally a given personal goal for each boy is to make the best contribution possible, given his skill level and purpose within the team.

Team goals for the season have included learning to play together as a squad, respecting each other, having fun, and playing with good sportsmanship. The boys have shown tremendous dedication towards winter training, morning sessions and early evening training. Their parents, who are a vital component of our squad, have supported the boys and the coach Mr. Ford with equal dedication . Thank you parents for the many car trips to training and fixtures. It is your positive support of each boy that has made me really admire your input into Prep polo.

The open team has had some wonderful results but topping any fixture result has been the total JOY on each boy's face when we talk polo. They love this beautiful demanding sport.

Good luck for your upcoming SACS tour. The chance to play a three day festival (in a stunning part of our country) against the top schools within our country is without a doubt a wonderful prospect to measure your own skill level, appreciate the skill of others, and grow your love for the game. Finally, you will have a further chance to meet new characters (young and old) that will mould you into a fine man.

Carpe Diem Polo Boys

Mr. Q Pascoe