Boys’ Prep vs Grey Bloemfontein

November 14, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

The relationship between St Stithians Boys’ Preparatory and Grey College, Bloemfontein is built on many shared values, cultural and sporting philosophies, tradition as well as views on developing and growing boys.

The November fixture between our two schools is always a calendar highlight and a positively contested weekend of cricket, squash, water polo, tennis, chess, marimba, boere orkes and golf.

While the weather did not play its part and we had to cancel cricket matches, the boys from both schools still enjoyed the various activities that were able to take place.

“The lessons of all sports carry over from the actual arena to the playing field of life. Rich is the man who, if only for a short time, feels the glory his body in peak condition, the bond of brothers, the sweet joy of victory and the agony of defeat. While the memories of such a time fade as a man grows older, the wisdom he gleans from the experience will echo throughout his life”. – Brett & Kate McKay | August 28, 2008

The boys and staff from both Grey and St Stithians will definitely remember the fond memories associated with this weekend and will carry the experience throughout their Prep careers.

Thank you to the parents who supported the staff and boys with hosting Grey boys as well as for their tremendous support at the activities.

A big thank you to our operations, security and medical staff for your assistance with the weekend arrangements.

One and All, your continued time and effort towards affording our boys opportunities to grow is commendable.

Thank you

Boys’ Preparatory Staff.