St Stithians College Matric Results 2016

December 30, 2016 | Campus

We celebrate and give thanks for the outstanding achievements of our 2016 Matric students in the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College. The outcome reflects the triangular partnership of matriculants, teachers and parents who share responsibility for these Independent Examination Board (IEB) Matric results. The Classes of 2016 at the two schools have lived up to the St Stithians intent to inspire excellence and to make a world of difference.

Our philosophy of learning and teaching promotes an academic culture which seeks to meet and extend the needs and styles of each student, enabling personalised and meaningful learning to take place. We pride ourselves on this approach, which seeks to optimise individual learning across the academic spectrum and includes enrolling a number of students with identified barriers to learning. We are proud of the top academic achievers, among the best in the country and whose results are documented individually, as well as of each student who has excelled against personal benchmarks.

Matric is the destination of a long journey of learning. We acknowledge the contributions of the teachers at the Preparatory Schools of St Stithians College, as well as those of other Primary Schools which educated this year’s Matric cohort. We pay tribute to the impact of Kamoka Bush School on the lives of our girls and boys on their Saints journey.

At this time of focus on the academic gateway of Matric, we affirm our commitment to the education of young people of character, who make an impact as leaders and citizens, shaped by a Methodist ethos. Academic learning is complemented with a diverse and highly successful sporting, cultural, outdoor education and community engagement curriculum.

When the results of the Boys’ College and the Girls’ College are combined, our 250 candidates achieved a 100% Matriculation Pass Rate, a 99% Bachelor Degree Pass Rate, and a total of 608 subject distinctions (80% or more). Warm congratulations, One and All! Reflecting our model of a Boys’ College and a Girls’ College sharing the same campus, the results of the two schools are published separately. Please click on the links below for each school.

Our Matrics join an illustrious and significant community of alumni, and we look forward to them staying in contact with the College as Old Stithians and as parents of the future.

Dr Tim Nuttall (Rector), Mr David Knowles (Head of Boys’ College) and Mrs Ivanka Acquisto (Head of Girls’ College)