Celebrating 100 Days in Grade One

July 07, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

“Celebrating 100 Days in Grade One” was met with great excitement in anticipation of how the day would unfold.

The children enjoyed a mathematics morning in honour of the number 100.  The classrooms were filled with energy and enthusiasm for the various activities planned for the day. They worked on measurement, using paper chains, as well as problem solving, collecting, sort and analysing data and estimation using sweets, (which they were happy to devour afterwards!).  Thinking was very evident throughout the morning as children solved the various number problems they were given.  Great value was found in reflecting on their mistakes and working together to create alternative solutions.

The trip to the dam was a long walk for One & All. The children had fun playing soccer, observing the owl boxes and nesting logs around our school and feeding the ducks. After all the activity of the morning, the picnic at the dam was a wonderful way to end the day.