Celebrating Our Mothers

May 19, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

On Monday Mrs Jarvis shared the history of ‘Mothering Sunday’ with the Junior Prep. Mrs Jarvis reminded us that Mothers Day is a day of showing our mothers or carers how much we appreciate them. From saying simple words like ‘I love you’ to giving our mums or special people a cuddle will make their heart smile a lot.  

We were reminded of all the special items we made for our mums at school.  Our Grade 2 children wrote the most beautiful poems.  Have a look at the photographs to see our special creations.

We had a chance to share what we did with our Mothers on Mothers Day, and a few children told us how much they enjoyed the special ‘Family Service’ at our chapel on Sunday.

Mrs Jarvis ended the assembly with giving each teacher a white rose, thanking them for being good carers for all the children at the Junior Prep.

We hope that your child will share the special history of 'Mothering Sunday' with you.