Dr Seuss Storytelling Time

October 11, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

The zany Cat in the Hat … steadfast Horton … persistent Sam-I-Am … the activist Lorax … Dr Seuss characters have been immortalised in the pages of children’s books around the world.

Our Grade Rs, in the past few weeks have been fortunate enough to be gifted with a healthy diet of Dr Seuss books and stories as part of their Dr Seuss theme.

At the same time the Grade 10 girls have been studying the classic Seuss narratives and the art of storytelling. Each girl was given the task to write their own children’s book based on the style of Dr Seuss. They came up with amazing creations of rhyming stories with fantastical places and words around a moral theme. They also illustrated their whacky tales.

The girls entertained the Grade R’s by reading their stories to them and discussing Dr Seuss stories.

A fantamazing time was had by all.