Going the extra mile

October 27, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

We all need to buy into a mindset of “going the extra mile”. There is a sense of satisfaction when we go the extra mile and everyone benefits. This is the type of service we need to embrace as we take our College into the future.

This type of calling to action can evoke a sense of collaboration and service towards a greater good. It is action that gives this calling its voice.

The Boys’ Prep Polo team and staff are extremely proud of the boys who gave up their half term to run the preparatory water polo tech table at the Saints Invitational Water Polo Tournament.

Keeping an eye on each score, possession change, player kick-outs, Chukka time and overzealous spectators and coaches was no mean feat. What was even more remarkable was that some of the boys who volunteered to assist don’t even play polo but simply chose to support their school when the call for help was made. Your committed attitude was appreciated by our prep first team, parents and the coaching staff.

As a College we reinforce our values with the statement: Know yourself, Be yourself and Make your contribution. Our volunteers at the Invitational Polo Tournament put this value statement into action. They proved:

Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer and in doing so, make their contribution.

Thank you to the tech table for the value add and the personal difference you made to the tournament.

The players who participated would not have had the experience of this prestigious tournament without your role.

Your half term time spent poolside is a true example of Servant Leadership in action.