Gr 7 Leadership Camp 2017 - Konka

January 25, 2017 | Boys’ Preparatory

Eighty very excited boys arrived at Konka having experienced violent thunder storms during their bus trip which certainly did not dampen their spirits. The challenging activities which tested the boys both physically and mentally proved to be most worthwhile and entertaining. From the Spider's Web, Hexa Challenge, Cloth Challenge, Traffic Jam to the Acid River Bomb there was never a dull moment. Life skills such as team building and motivation were valuable lessons for our boys, highlighting the potential leaders of our present Gr 7 group.

The social interaction was certainly taken care of as each dorm housed forty boys making for lively banter and fun times for all. War cries shared around the campfire in the boma at night added to the group camaraderie, while the traditional 'roasting of marshmallows' ended some evening highlights.

An evening hike was also enjoyed by all but perhaps the highlight was the obstacle course. This was not for the faint hearted as mud and a touch of 'Fear Factor' was the order of the day. We can honestly say that every boy tackled this course with grit and determination proving that they are capable of achieving almost anything when you put your mind to it and are motivated by your team. 

Through the challenge of these activities, each boy was given the opportunity to grow and develop his own character discovering himself and his potential leadership qualities. Both the staff and the boys will long remember the 'Ayebo - Yes', swimming pool, soccer fields, busy days and supportive guidance by the counsellors.

Thanks to Mr. Olivier for organising this memorable tour for our Grade 7 boys of 2017.