Grade 2 Superheroes

June 02, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

There was great excitement as the Superheroes descended on the school this week. The children arrived dressed as their favourite hero: Batman, Supergirl and some with their own fantastic new heroes.  Names like Killabeast, Lulu Lollipop, Lady Maverick, Princess Slayer, and Superglue could be heard and the playground was awash with colour. The teachers joined in the fun, coming to school dressed in their own superhero outfits. The various costumes were most inventive. The children were keen to show off their ‘super powers’ to their peers and teachers and enjoyed parading in front of them on our new stage.

The dress up day is the culmination of a wonderful theme on Superheroes. The children learnt what powers a superhero has and that everyone can be a superhero. The values of kindness, goodness and self-control were found to be essential characteristics of a superhero.

The children created beautiful masks, reflecting the character of their superhero. They wrote their own superhero story using themselves as the main character. They were introduced to speech bubbles and onomatopoeia.

It was a special day, filled with energy and excitement, a day that will live long in the memories of our Grade 2 children.