Grade 2 Visit the Zoo

September 19, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

A number of the academic themes in the Junior Prep revolve around the EcoSchools criteria. The children learn about recycling, saving water, pollution, rodents, birds and, of course, animals. The Grade 2s are presently studying ‘Arctic Animals’.

Practical components to these themes are always seen as an important, educational and fun way to learn. At St Stithians we are fortunate to have our own recycling centre, dams, waterways and forests to visit. However, we don’t host wild and exotic animals on our campus, so the Grade 2s visited the zoo for this experience.

With great excitement, the children boarded the buses to the Johannesburg Zoo. They learnt about the Big 5, monkeys, birds, the ‘Animals of the Amazon’ enclosure and many other exciting species.

After a picnic in the beautiful zoo grounds, the tired but happy children returned to school with lots of interesting facts and stories about animals.