Grade 3 & 4 Production

October 19, 2016 | Girls’ Preparatory

We Loved #We Are…

There was a buzz of excitement in the air as our Grade 3 and 4 girls started rehearsing for their production, #We Are… The show was all about celebrating the qualities and abilities which make us who we are as the human race. It looked at our contribution to making the world what it is today and in particular, the role that girls play in maintaining a confident optimism, being resilient and articulate, so that their voices are heard in a constructive manner.

Every class in both grades was fully involved in a number of items, which gave the girls a wonderful opportunity to experience the ‘rush’ of participating in a large-scale collaborative effort; they certainly thrived being given this ‘hands-on’ learning opportunity. During their rehearsal time, the girls discovered a great deal about spatial planning, vocal technicalities, co-ordination training, impulse control, self-discipline, perseverance, creative presentation and information recall. Rehearsals were times of great fun and hilarity as lines were learnt, dance steps polished and songs practised. The result was a theatrical treat for all!

Although our focus was not on producing an at-all-costs Broadway standard production, the Grade 3 and 4 girls defied all expectations and shone like award-winning young ladies! They performed flawlessly, dazzling the audience with their confidence, voice projection, characterisation and stage charisma. They certainly owned the stage, proving, once again, that they are a ‘Sky Full of Stars’!


Here are some more pictures:


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Our thanks and appreciation to Mr Derek Arnoldi for the images and video footage:

Images and video courtesy of Derek Arnoldi