Grade 3 Dads/Lads River Rafting

November 22, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

On Saturday 19th November, 61 excited boys and 60 proud dads spent time on the Vaal river testing their novice rafting skills against some tricky rapids. In addition, the stretch of calm waters afforded the “boys” a chance to interact, enjoy snacks on the river and be fully present in a beautiful setting.

What a joy it was for me and Mr. Lennox (who participated as parent, staff member and excited “boy”) to witness:

The boys loving life and enjoying the physical challenge of the rafting;
The stunning scenery our country has to offer;
The gift that is the relationship between Dad and Son;

I acknowledge that as we draw closer to the end of the school academic year, the staff and boys are feeling stretched. No doubt, dads are also feeling the year end push to complete various work related commitments; however, in true Saints Spirit – time was created for Dad and Son to make some memories and to affirm the love they share.

Upon reflecting on what was indeed a fun activity, I wish to commend our Dads for their sporting approach towards not only the rafting but as far as their individual contribution towards the entire group having a wonderful experience.

Dads, the more time you spend with your son, the more attuned you will be to his emerging abilities; the more realistically you will be able to assess his capacities, and the more aware you will be of his particular talents and sensibilities. You will discover not only what they enjoy doing, but how they enjoy doing it.

I acknowledge that your time is precious to both you and your child. Your willingness to give your time with him sends a message: You are important. A dad who gives of himself implicitly communicates his love and respect for his child. Our dads affirmed to their son that in the moment, their son was given dad’s undivided attention. Each boy was made to feel of utmost importance and they LOVED dad time.

It has been said that our tendency is to imitate what we have seen in our own fathers and to cast our expectations after those – our Grade Three Dads, you are leaving a legacy of an involved, interactive and supportive parent.

I am confident our boys are feeling happy fulfilment and when it is their time to imitate your actions, you would have provided a positive example as a reference point.

Yours in education

Mr. Q Pascoe