Highlights of October Week Two

October 15, 2016 | Girls’ College | Author: Highlights of October Week Two

Tour De Maths

The final leg of the 2016 Tour de Maths competition took place at Redhill. Our team was ranked second overall going into the final leg and needed to win to have any chance of being crowned Gauteng Tour de Maths Champions for 2016…

We performed incredibly well with the pair of Jessica James and Madison Crews being placed second and the pair of Amber Beresford and Kayla-Anne Jack being placed first.  

Jessica James

Jessica James and Nicole Brink had been one of the leading ‘pairs’ heading into the final round. As a result, this ‘pair’ had to be split (like many other contenders) in order to determine the top individual over the course of the year.  We are delighted to have several girls placed in the individual top 10 - something that has never happened before. Jessica James  was placed 1st individually and is the first girl to win since the competition's inception.  (Please note that these girls are in Gr 8 competing againsts schools with students in Gr 10!)  Nicole Brink was placed 3rd. 

We are extremely proud of our Grade 8s and their respective ranking in what is essentially a Grade 10 competition. It is fitting that during our 21st Birthday year we have had our best results ever.

Go Girl Power!!!

Regular Tour de Maths Competitors

Overall results Winning School for 2016 - ST STITHIANS GIRLS' COLLEGE

Squash Article in the Randburg Sun

If you missed that wonderful article in the Randburg Sun recently - please click this link.  It contains 4 stunning pictures of the team as well as a lovely article written by Nicholas Zaai. 

Squash Article from the Randburg Sun

Science Expo - further results

Four of the grade 10 girls took part in the final round of Science expo held at Birchwood Conference Centre.There were 588 outstanding projects on show and we are absolutely delighted with the excellent results that our girls achieved.

Amanda Aitken and Genevieve Robertson received a Highly Commendable certificate while Zaba  Phakathi and Lexi Galatis won a Silver medal. Only 20 out of the 588 projects were awarded silver medals.

Zaba and Lexi were also invited to the Science Olympics held in Cape town in 2017.


Claudia Dobson recently competed in the Africa Goju Ryu Karate Federation National Championships & RSA Team Selection for the World Goju Ryu Karate Federation Championship to be held in Romania in September 2017 and won Gold in Kata (Elite).

Claudia Dobson

Matric Pool Party

Matric Pool Party 1

A drought nationwide was the reason for cancelling the annual water "fight" with the BC and instead an extremely successful Pool Party with the Boys’ College was calendarised instead!  A pool party, with great music blaring in the background and braais lit for those that were hungry. It also helped that it was a sweltering day (32C) so everyone was happy to take the plunge. 

It was a really great event and a wonderful time to bond with our ‘brothers’ from across the field.

Memories are made from days like these!

Matric Pool Party 2

Matric Pool Party 3

Matric Pool Party 4

Matric Pool Party 5

Matric Surprise Event from the School & Parents

On Thursday 6 October we finally got a chance to say farewell, in a light-hearted manner (before the more formal Final Chapel Service), to our dear Gr12s. After the dancing and tributes from each Grade the matrics were invited to the Lower Dam field where a surprise had been planned. This function had been organised as final ‘stress relief’ opportunity for the girls before they put their heads down and focussed on their studies. The function took the form of a kiddies party where each girl received a party pack (Gr12 survival pack), refreshments and was served an ice-cream with cone. Besides a jumping castle, there was a roving magician (ex Saints old Boy, Colin Underwood) who kept the girls enthralled.

Matric Surprise 1

He even called up Mrs Acquisto and managed to miraculously make her wedding ring reappear just as he proposed to her.

The girls then spent the rest of the morning listening to music, bouncing on the jumping castle and working the mic - singing and paying tribute to members of their Grade.

We would like to thanks Mrs Diab and Mrs Kitching for all their hard work in making the party a success. We would also like to make special mention of Mrs Howie, one of the Gr12 PTA representatives, for conceptualising and for coordinating this special event and for mobilizing parents to help. It was greatly appreciated by all of the girls. 

Matric Surprise 2

Matric Surprise 3

Matric Surprise 4

Matric Surprise 5

Now we hope all of our matric girls are studying hard for their final examinations!

Indoor Hockey Gauteng Representatives

Congratulations to Savanah Wasley and Caitlin Readhead on being selected for the Gauteng Gryphons Indoor hockey team which will play in CT in December. (Caitlin was featured last week)

Savanah Wasley

Matric Valediction

After a week of final farewells, final chapel, final baraza, final tutor, final lesson, final pool party, we finally said goodbye to our matrics with a symbolic final war cry around the bell tower and the ringing of the bell to mark the end of the formal schooling and the beginning of the exams.  We wish all of our matriculants the very best during their study leave and trust that they will make the school and themselves proud as they complete the final hurdle before the beginning of the rest of their lives.  We also hope to see you all back at the OSA breakfast in February!

Valediction Archway

Junior Interhigh Tennis

Junior Interhigh Tennis Team

Congratulations to our young team who were placed 6th out of 27 schools!

Equestrian National Schools Championships

Equestrian Inter-Schools National Championships held at Misty Meadows Equestrian Centre, Cullinan, Gauteng 6th-8th October 2016

The St Stithians College riders were very successful at the nationals with 9 of the 10 riders who rode for the Gauteng provincial teams placing in the 21 events in which they participated. Between the boys and girls, they earned one 1st place, six 2nd places and two 6th places. The conditions were difficult with riders having to contend with high temperatures (37C on Friday) and high winds and dust storms throughout most of the days. By Saturday afternoon the wind was so bad that several of the jumps were blown over and had to be manhandled to remain upright and allow the competitors to complete their rounds. Our riders are commended for persevering and triumphing despite the conditions.

Congratulations to all our riders on your outstanding results. The standard at National level competition is extremely high and your successes riding for Gauteng province are a reflection of your consistent hard work, commitment and above all, your horsemanship skills. The College is really proud of you all. The College also acknowledges with gratitude the hard work and commitment of the team behind each rider: the trainers who attend each show and strategize with you before each event; the grooms who care for your horses and tack; and especially your parents who are up early in the mornings come rain or shine to tow horse boxes and spend long days out at shows. Last but by no means least, thank you to our very special “Saints”: our horses. Congratulations and thank you to one-and-all. Our riders could not succeed without each one of you.

(Excerpts from an article written by Dr Mary Reynolds)

King Constantine of Greece 

At the Round Square Conference in Germany, Tatum van Heerden had the pleasure of engaging King Constantine in conversation over lunch.

King Constantine with Tatum van Heerden


Water Polo - Gold Medal at SA Club Polo Championships

Congratulations to Kate Hinrichs on her gold medal playing for the club side Jozi in the SA Club Water Polo Tournament (Old Eds) recently.

Kate Hinrichs