Inspirational Grade 6 Camp

September 19, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

A great deal has been said in various campus communication around “inspiration”. Formal reference within academic spheres as well as our website and social media often trend #inspiration. I truly believe inspiration exists in our Boys’ Preparatory within the classroom walls, corridors, sporting and cultural spaces of our school.

It is however, on our most recent grade 6 camp that I was gifted the opportunity to observe #inspiration in action outside of our daily environment. What a reward it was to observe authentic, spontaneous inspiration displayed by boys and staff.

I am sure your son will report fondly as to the overt program: physical and mental activities, sleeping quarters, meals, camp humour (please refer to our All in One newsletter for more of these memories), however, they may omit to inform you as to the covert infusion of learning and inspiration that occurred.

I wish to affirm and share with you the tremendous amount of patience, tenderness and care that the staff afforded each boy. Living as a large group with 80 odd personalities, needs and maturity levels, required several moments of intervention and whether it was during the “normal” day or late hours of the evening, each mediation resulted in a happy solution. I could not help watch with pride as to how the staff cared for each boys’ specific medical needs, anxiety levels, boyish manner as well the manner to which our staff interacted with one another.

The mutual professional courtesy, genuine respect and enjoyment of one another’s company is a positive example to our boys and indeed an encouraging indictment as to the passionate culture within our prep staff. Working with the calibre of person and their respective educational skill set is inspirational. It is not my intention to boast about staff or try impress parents but instead a further reflection as to why this camp was such a success. Our boys within their varied emotional development stages may not even be aware as to this inadvertent bonus: The staff have a warm connection with the boys and want to see each boy reach his full potential and become the best version of himself.

Thank you to Mrs. Thompson, Stockgit, Curry and Ms. Stemele, Mr. Lalla and Olivier for your #inspirational example. You are making a vast #contribution to our special boys.

Finally, inspiration was found within our boys. Words fail me as I attempt to convey the multitude of examples, images or interactions of inspiration between our boys. As ambassadors to your families and our school they captivated the camp staff and instructors. We were reminded as to their wonderful manners and values (Our curriculum is working with the boys) that they possess. Friendships were strengthened and the staff believe new understandings of each other were made. Possibly the greatest example of inspiration was reflected in a humorous display by the boys during the evening concert where they acted out various staff in their production (I shall leave you to unpack this with your son). I wish parents were privy to witness the confident awakening of some of our more reserved, quieter boys. What a magical teaching and inspirational moment.

Finally, I wish to applaud you for the type of boy we get to work with each day. Thank you for your support of our staff and school. Like so many things that emerge from home; Inspiration starts as your son leaves for school.

Yours in education

Mr. Q Pascoe