Interhouse Events

November 05, 2016 | Girls’ Preparatory

Interhouse Events

Interhouse Music

Mrs Calitz assists the girls at the Interhouse Music event

Every year our girls amaze us with their original and dynamic performances at the Interhouse Music event. This year was no exception.


This year, the competition was judged by Yvette Schoeman assisted by Kevin Walker, from the Boys’ College.


The results were as follows:

1. Cambourne



2. Kenwyn



3. Stratton



4. Trewen



Special mentions were given to the following performers:

Tasmin Lee

Rebekah Bennett

Tanaka Muguto

Yayra Ankude


The musical talent at the Girls’ Prep is a delight to watch and listen to, that never ceases to delight and entertain.

Interhouse Music images courtesy of Claire Ruiter

Interhouse Athletics

After a wonderful morning of music and spirt the athletes were all fired up to continue the inter house challenge on the athletics track!  The girls cheered enthusiastically from the stands while the runners vied for position down the track and in the field events.  This year the event was closely contested between all the houses.  Despite the heat the girls performed exceptionally well, some even peaking with personal best results and records.

At the end of the morning Cambourne completed a day of victories by placing first, Stratton were second, Trewen were third and Kenwyn finished in fourth position.  Kenwyn were not to be outdone and claimed the Spirit trophy.  They cheered relentlessly throughout the morning and clinched the Spirit Cup right at the end of the morning through their efforts to leave their stand immaculate and spotless.

Thank you to all the girls for their tremendous effort throughout the morning.  It was wonderful to see how you support each other.


1 Cambourne - 696 points

2 Stratton - 598 points

3 Trewen - 533 points

4 Kenwyn - 458 points


Interhouse Squash

We hosted our annual Interhouse Squash tournament in the afternoon.  Six players from each house played and the matches were closely contested. Stratton ultimately took the title of this year’s winner, followed by Cambourne, Trewen and Kenwyn.  

Well done to all the players for their commitment to the sport.

The matches were followed by a braai for the players and their families. This was a festive event with fantastic support from the parents.