Junior Prep Comrades for Cancer mini run

May 26, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

The Ridgeway Field was filled with bold and bright colourful children dressed in their active wear. Children were seen stretching their muscles and warming up.  Before our marathon began, we had a chance to sing our very own JP war cry.  The screams were heard by patrons who were having their early morning coffee at Higher Ground Restaurant.  Just before we were about to take off, boys and girls from our Prep Schools arrived to cheer on their little brothers and sisters.  Mrs Harris welcomed everyone and invited Mr Gareth Low, our HR Manager, to say a few words of encouragement to the Junior Prep Children.

Mrs Harris started the marathon with the words “On your marks, get set and go …” and before we knew it, the boys and girls were off.  The girls and boys ran a total of 2km and they had many supporters on route.  Just as the children began panting, they arrived at the water table where we had our enthusiastic class mums handing out cups of water.  After drinking a thirst quenching drink, the children continued their race.  The children knew that at the next pit stop, they would receive a piece of Bar One chocolate.  Just as they gulped their piece of chocolate, they approached the finish line and received a medal from Mrs Harris. 

The money raised from our Comrades for Cancer Event will be donated to Cancer Research.  We know that many lives have been touched by cancer within our Saints Community and as a JP staff we share a passion for this cause.

Our event concluded with a chapel service where the children were able to see themselves as champions with a kaleidoscope of photographs from our morning event.  We wish all our St Stithians parents who are running the Comrades the best of luck, and we send special wishes to Mr Gareth Low who will be completing his first Comrades Marathon this year.

 In Queen’s words: “We are the champions my friends. And we will keep on fighting until the end …”