Junior Prep House Launch

November 10, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

It was with great excitement that the Junior Prep children assembled in the Dace Hall for the big reveal of their House names.

It was Mrs Mel Morrison’s idea to name our Houses after the four points of the compass and how appropriately they tell our Junior Prep story:

North: the Blue House symbolises the blue sky and our focus on God as a Methodist Christian School.

South: the Green House symbolises the green grass and our Foundation Phase of education.

East: the Yellow House symbolises the sunrise and our beginning as the Gateway to the College.

West: the Red House symbolises the sunset and the end of the children’s journey with us as they prepare to move to their respective Prep Schools.

Despite the hot day, the children rendered their new House war cries with great gusto! 

From the Hall the children walked up to the dam for a ‘house’ picnic. They were given house frisbees as a gift.

To top off the exciting launch house mascots, big fluffy elephants dressed in house T-shirts, arrived by boat at the jetty and were presented to the house skippers. After more war cries, a hot and tired, but happy, group of children returned to school. What a memorable day.