Junior Rowers have caught the Rowing Bug

October 11, 2017 | Girls’ College | Author: James Buchanan

Our new grade 7 rowing girls won 2 gold medals in their first ever regatta! One gold in the Oct and one gold in the quad, a 4 man boat. 

Winning boat!

The Girls in the Oct are: Shannon Vermaak, Isabelle Phillips, Tatum Milns, Jenna Markgraaff, Amelia Raath, Jemma Antoncich, Katie Gouws, Electra Teichman, Phoebe Coetzee.

The girls carrying the quad and in the photo with their medals are: Jemma Antoncich, Jenna-Lee Markgraaf, Isabella Phillips, and Tatum Milns

These young ladies are very new to rowing, having only touched a boat for the first time less than a month before this regatta at the annual new girls camp. These grade 7 girls have been incredibly dedicated and have taken to the sport with such passion which clearly showed through at their first ever regatta.

One’s first regatta is always a stressful affair, your coach pushes your crew off from the jetty with the magic words of “good luck… try stay straight”, and then it is up to you to navigate to the start and to try line up in howling wind conditions to race your first race. Through all this the grade 7 girls managed to stay calm and collected and kept to their race plan which paid off with not one but two gold medals at their first ever regatta.

We are so incredibly proud of our grade 7 girls and cannot wait to see what else they can achieve this season.