March 15, 2017 | Boys’ Preparatory

In an age where being self-centred is the style, many are finding that something is missing from the mix. At the Boys’ Preparatory we are continually on an educational journey; a journey seeking best practice in both the formal and informal curriculum. As staff we actively focus on values-based connection and interaction. The “fibre” or base within this connection is MANNERS.

We have heard it said “that manners maketh man”; one contemporary translation could simply state that manners separate us from beasts.

At our Preparatory we invite you to support us on another journey – a journey towards developing gentleman with creative integrity. At this point, you may be asking yourself what’s new or different. Is my son not already part of the Honour God, Honour Self, Honour others culture?  While these spiritual pillars are still our focus; we believe that it needs to be supported by revising our collective expectation of basic good manners.

Our boys need to be reminded of the Saints brotherhood and Preparatory expectations: A boy is known to be part of this culture according to the way he behaves towards others and under certain circumstances. When his habits and manners are good he is known to be a young gentleman, a boy with proper manners attracts the attention and admiration of One and All.

At Boys’ prep, we want to continue to cultivate good manners which extend from the home. Good manners will be an asset in life. Good manners are indispensable to everyone. It is our collective example and efforts needed to develop courteous speech, action and polite behaviour within our boys so that we can all be proud of giving the nation worthy citizens.

The staff and boys have worked on the concept of a “Gentleman with creative integrity” and #good boy Great Saint. Our values lessons continue to include age appropriate debates and or discussions on what makes a good boy/man. Each grade is given a chance to work through stereotypes, prejudice, cultural intelligence and character leadership. It has been interesting to observe the common thread of boys feeling manners, common sense and our Saints Honour are the foundations for what makes a good boy.

We appeal to all staff and parents that we make time to frequently reflect on our manners and return to the basics – guiding the boys to review first their own dress, talk, actions and behaviour within his own individual capacity and then within his class, grade and school.

We invite all stakeholders to play their part in growing our boys. Let the spirit of Ubuntu and our passion for this wonderful College evoke in us a desire that manners do maketh our Preparatory boys.