Mr Buchanan is off to Vietnam to build bridges!

December 01, 2017 | Girls’ College | Author: James Buchanan

Mr James Buchanan has been selected, from applicants from around the world, to join the Round Square International Service Big Build Project as a staff member in charge of Round Square students off to rebuild a dam in Vietnam.  This is what he had to say about this wonderful opportunity! 

"On the 7th of December I will be heading out on one of the most exciting trips that I have ever had the opportunity of going on. I will be heading to Vietnam to take part in the Round Square Big Build Project.

Mr James Buchanan

The project is made up of 50 students and 7 adult staff members all from  around the world. The project site is situated 4.5 hours east of Hanoi and the focus of the project is to rebuild the dam wall for the community that relies on the water stored within the dam during the dry season for farming and irrigation. The village that relies on the dam for water storage is in great need of assistance as they currently need to make repairs on the dam wall twice a year as it is quite old and eroded.

When the communication went out that they were looking for another staff member to join the Round Square team for this project I immediately applied. I applied not only because this would be an amazing opportunity to try make a small difference in the world but also because I am a student of history, I am fascinated by the rich heritage, culture and strength of the Vietnamese people. I believe that it will be quite an eye-opener to learn a bit more about the Vietnam War from a Vietnamese perspective and to see why it is they fought so heroically for their independence and political freedom.

I really am looking forward to heading to Vietnam to make new friends from around the globe, to take part in a community service project unlike any other and to see the famed tropical forests of Vietnam. This really is the trip of a lifetime and I am so grateful that I am able to be a part of it."