New Year, New Beginnings

January 19, 2017 | Girls’ Preparatory

New Year, New Beginnings

The Girls’ Preparatory was full of laughter, smiles and excited young girls on their first day.


The Grade 3s were welcomed warmly and taken under the wings of their Grade 7 buddies who gave them a tour of the school. The parents, meanwhile, had an opportunity to mingle with the staff over refreshments.

The Grade 3 teachers excited to meet their new students

Grade 3 girls outside their classroom


The Grade 4s, meanwhile, participated in an exciting QR Code iPad activity.

The Grade 4s thoroughly enjoyed doing a QR Code activity with the school iPads.


The senior girls first day was eventful and cheerful. This was evident when the girls went home at the end of their busy day with many stories to share with their parents. They reconnected with their friends, met tutors and teachers, were issued with lockers and had swimming tabloids.

Grade 7 swimming tabloids


We look forward to another dynamic and fulfilling year at the Girls’ Preparatory.