Our Amazing Dads!

June 20, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

Last week was a hive of activity as our children worked hard to produce gifts to spoil their fathers, granddads, stepfathers and all the significant people in their lives. I hope that you all felt loved and appreciated on Sunday and that you enjoyed the gifts and cards that you received.

Poems and stories were written by the children celebrating their dads. “My dad is so special because he reads to me”, “I love my dad because he gives me the best big squeezes”, “My dad is so special because he has a big heart”, “My dad is the light of my life,” are just a few of the messages displayed around the school. Painting, hammering, gluing, pouring could be seen and heard as the children made their gifts of key holders, braai spice jars and “On duty, off duty” signs.    

What a wonderful opportunity for our children to celebrate the important people in their lives. In the words of one of our children “My dad is my superhero!”