Our new wellness partner: Inside Active

May 05, 2017 | Campus

We have partnered with the Inside Active Group to grow and develop the physical conditioning strategy on campus. Inside Active has a demonstrated track record of offering holistic health and wellness solutions which will be used to make a world of difference to the way in which sport conditioning and wellness is experienced at the College for students, staff, and the wider Saints community.

Inside Active offer Olympic lifting, conditioning, and coaching to get the most out of athletic strength training at the Warriner Centre. The centre also includes a commercial gym circuit to cater to the everyday gym user, together with a selection of cardiovascular machines.

If exercising outside is more your style, there are two group classes every day which you can attend.

Inside Active offerings include:

The Warriner Centre gym is Discovery-Accredited so members can earn Vitality points do all Vitality health checks here.

For more information or to sign up:
Email: warrinercentre@insideactive.co.za
Website: www.insideactive.co.za
Cell: 074 926 7526

To learn more about the members of the Inside Active team, click here.

Inside Active is located at the Warriner Centre (formerly the HPC).