Parents building our school

October 31, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

As a College, we make use of specific words when we inform our parent body as to our educational philosophy, our school character or our continually developing academic practice.

Ubuntu. Servant Leadership, Honour Code or the trending #Know yourself, #Be yourself and #Make your contribution are words/concepts that our parents are aware of. As a “village of schools” exploiting the gift of synergy, we all collectively play our part in marketing our school; yet at the Boys’ Preparatory, our involved parents truly INSPIRE.

We are blessed to have our Prep parents serve our school. Their service gives action to the specific language we use. Our parents inspire the Boys’ Prep staff as they play their part in building our school.

Thank you to our entire supportive and involved parents who spend many hours serving our school. From our passionate PTA appreciating our new state of the art classrooms, art room, science lab and staffroom to the parents running our Outreach Programs, serving on various sporting and cultural committees, our class moms who support class teachers and our parents who eagerly look forward to sporting fixtures so as position themselves along the side line motivating and encouraging our numerous sport teams and coaches.

A successful school can easily be measured against certain “tick boxes”, one distinguishing criterion that makes boys’ preparatory successful is our involved and supportive parents. Indeed our boys’ ideas about education, our school and our significance as a staff begin with you our parents.

 Thank you to all the parents who enthusiastically go the extra mile for their son, their class, their grade, and our school.