October 06, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

Celebrating World Teachers day and being suitably affirmed by our HR department afforded all at the boys’ preparatory to step back from business of our school and reflect on the gift that is our profession.

Inspirational and powerful statements depicting the role of teachers can easily be found. Concepts referring to teachers shaping the minds of the future or working in the present without knowing where our influence ends reminds us of the responsibility we have for our boys and our future.

Within our Chapel walls one would find the inscription: “to whom much is given, much is expected”. I believe unconditionally that the boys’ prep staff embrace this responsibility and deliver on this expectation.

Proof of this can be seen in the images that follow this article. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then collectively they hint at a novel.

Within the images, the concept of “Proximity” comes to mind. A dictionary definition of proximity indicates:

Nearness in space or time
Nearness or closeness in a series

As teachers, we are blessed that we work in a school and a community that values and supports professional closeness between teacher and boy and allows us the opportunity to show genuine tenderness, love and appreciation for each boy without our actions or nearness being incorrectly interpreted.

 We offer our boys a rich, creative and innovative curriculum, a journey towards knowing self, others and God. The success of this is all underpinned by proximity.

We value relationships and meaningful connections with each boy, parent and staff member – the proximity as far as the nearness in space or time (the present actions building for the future without ignoring our past) as well as the nearness in a series (the journey within each year and from Grade Three to Grade Seven) allows One and All the chance to be available and visible, making sure we  cross paths, share space, and contribute towards common values. Proximity further allows us the opportunity to see one another, become known to each other which allows us to grow in patience, tolerance, respect and further appreciation of the uniqueness of individuals.

The staff appreciated the World Teachers Day validation, however, the daily affirmations given by our boys and their results, our parent’s feedback and the upbeat milieu amongst staff affords us the luxury that we relive teacher’s day every day.

Thank you to all our parents for allowing us the opportunity to bring into play proximity.

Mr. Q Pascoe