Senior One Act Play Festival

November 09, 2016 | Girls’ College

Stars Impress at the One Act Play Festival

The 2016 Senior One Act Play Festival took place on Friday 28th October. Every one of the Grade 11 Drama students was involved, as well as a large number of boys and girls from other grades. The GLT was fit to burst as there was huge support for the five productions that were being staged: four published works and one original piece penned by Laura van Rooyen.


This festival provides students with an opportunity to work on material of their own choosing. Often the topics they want to tackle are controversial, dealing with “real world” issues and problems that they want to explore in a safe space. The students are encouraged to take full responsibility for the play-making process, taking their productions from the page to the stage.


This year, there were many obstacles that arose but our Drama students were totally committed and determined to perform to the very best of their ability on the night. I commend the cast and crew for being resilient during this remarkable, memorable journey. You are all stars!


Published Works


Faith Dlomo

Stressed by Alan Haehnel

An exploration of teenage angst.

Director: Tiro Serobe                             

Production Assistant: Gabi Beauchamp

Cast:  Zama Khumalo                         

          Nathan Olivier

          Faith Dlomo                             

          Jock Kleynhans


Pigs and Dogs

Pigs & Dogs Cast

Pigs and Dogs by Caryl Churchill

Based on material from Boy-Wives and Female Husbands, this play looks at different African views of gender and sexuality and challenges cultural intolerance.

Director:  Nana Moloi                             

Production Assistant:  Demi Olivier

Cast:  Botlahle Boikanyio 

          Bongiwe Dhlomo

          Mariska Bester                                             

          Siya Zwane


Snow Angel

Snow Angel Cast

Snow Angel by Louis John Carlina

In a seedy motel room, two broken people seek solace in each other’s company.

Director:  Sarah Falconer                       

Production Assistant:  Sascha Robinson

Cast:  Emily Fields                             

          Brett Kruger


Love and Money

Love & Money Cast

Love and Money by Dennis Kelly

In a fractured narrative, this play portrays a marriage driven to brutal destruction by the financial pressure of contemporary life.

Director:  Tayla Prendergast                   

Production Assistant:  Kelsey Kinmont

Cast: Michael Hern                      

         Tayla Prendergast

         Moraig Louw                           

         Grant Algeo

         Bonolo Shiceka                  

         Paemo Nyembe

         Naeve Human


AV  for the Published Works:  E’jane Li


Original Works

Corner Calamity

Corner Calamity

Corner Calamity by Laura van Rooyen

In the illusive world of the play, the protagonists face an existential crisis of Biblical proportions as the mysterious figures of Abra and Raxas toy with time and tempers.

Director:   Laura van Rooyen                   

Production Assistants:  Jemma Thompson & Jasleen Kaur

Audio-Visuals:  Gabriella Fedetto        

Sound and Lights:  Laura van Rooyen & Morgan van Rooyen

Cast:  Kiara Stanek                          

          Aedan Murray

          Carla Erasmus                   

          Veronica Louw

          Kamogelo Molapisi              

          Michael Cook

          Tayla Marsh                            

          Kaden Arguile