The Grade 2 Fashion Show

July 28, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

On Saturday the school was filled with excitement as the children arrived wearing the most amazing and creative outfits for their Fashion show. They had been given the task of designing outfits made out of recyclable material and other items that would typically end up in the landfill. The children constructed their outfits out of duct tape, polystyrene cups, bottle tops, newspaper, plastic bags and many more unexpected and innovative items. Walking into the classrooms you were met with frantic calls for sticky tape, staples and glue to tape together and repair last minute rips and strips that had come loose. Groups of chattering children were gathered together practising their dance moves in anticipation.

Each child had to showcase their own outfit, parading on the ramp in front of an audience of our Grade Two parents and families. The hall was filled with gasps as parents saw the children’s creations. Cameras were raised above their heads as they captured the moves and twirls of the ‘models’.

It was very evident from the enthusiasm and eager participation of the children why this event has become a highlight in the Grade 2 calendar.