The Opening of Treasure Island

September 08, 2017 | Junior Preparatory

For many years, as the beautiful trees grew over the rocky area in our playground, the grass struggled to grow and a sand bowl developed. Our former head, Mrs Mel Dace, had envision building a moat sandpit with bridges around this area. The idea was inspired by the Billy Goats Gruff fairytale.

With lots of planning, in consultation with our Head of Operations, Mrs Rene Swart, the sandpit was constructed during the August holidays.

A festive atmosphere surrounded the official opening. Colourful balloons and new sandpit toys filled the sandpit, much to the excitement of the Junior Prep children.

Our guests of honour, Mel Dace and Rene Swart, were accompanied by Dr Tim Nuttall and the new head of the Girls' College, Dr Sally James. They were all given a special welcome by Mrs Gayle Harris and the Junior Prep children.

After a prayer by Rev Janet, Mrs Swart cut the ribbon, officially opening ‘Treasure Island’ and she, along with birthday girl, Georgia were the first to touch the sand.

We have three bridges crossing the sand moat: a ‘Billy Goat Gruff’ Bridge, a ‘Walk the Plank’ Bridge and a suspension bridge. In the centre of the area we also have a flag pole, from which our South African flag flies proudly.

At break our children excitedly built sand castles and played adventure and fantasy games in their very own ‘Treasure Island’. We know children for many years to come will love this new addition to our playground.