The strength of the fish is in the water

May 12, 2017 | Boys’ Preparatory

We can liken our preparatory to a pond, with the staff, boys and parents the fish. The water the learning and social environmental influences on the fish.

The fish (people) need to navigate, swim and survive in these waters. The waters contain essential nutrients (Positive interaction, affirmation, constructive disagreements, teaching and learning pedagogy, value compass, gratitude etc.), but at time the water is rarely pure, clear and favourable. In fact, the environment can at times be toxic, the cause of confusion, frustration, unclear vision and stress.

The waters contain unseen but strongly felt undercurrents (Car park chatter, lack of trust, impatience, disrespect, assumptions etc.) in their shadows that are part of what surrounds everyone. The result is frequently a collapse of over-stressed individual fish.

When the prep waters are reflecting a murky environment, I appeal to every fish big or small to take the role of pilot fish -  exercise leadership, swim against the current and possibly out of sync with other fish and be the change we want to see. All of us can contribute to a clean pond.

I am aware, that toxins may come from above / enter our pond (political climate, economic uncertainty, life’s hurdles, fear of the future) – we need to see the pond for what it is and can be. We need to be courageous, adaptable to change but still take time to appreciate our waters.

As a “school of fish” we have, are part of and contribute to a pond that allows for happy fulfilment.

Inspired by the fish tank metaphor…

Happy swimming

Mr. Q Pascoe