U/10 Cricket tour to Clifton Nottingham Road

October 03, 2016 | Boys’ Preparatory

It has been said that you can exhaust yourself at cricket but never the subject. Similarly, one cannot exhaust oneself to the subject of the gift that is a Saints boy on tour.

Mr. Lennox and I were treated to the company of twelve Grade 4 boys who passionately represented our school in the U/10 Cricket Festival hosted by Clifton Nottingham Road. This beautiful school in the midlands formed the perfect scenic backdrop for what became both an intense cricket “battleground” and a learning environment.

Each of the boys learnt more about the beautiful game of cricket, their own current capabilities and a hint as to their potential. Cricket skills were on display together with the most wonderful sportsmanship, strengthening of friendships as well the opportunity to meet new like-minded friends.

Our team loved the brief experience of boarding living as they were divided into two dorms, the understanding of boarding showers and scheduled meal times together with corridor cricket and staff being kept up late and woken early in the morning to sounds of laughter completed the accommodation arrangements.

Cricket matches played through the crisp morning air together with afternoon fixtures added to the boys loving life and their sport. Results were favourable with us winning four out of five matches played. Three boys in particular achieved some personal milestones. Peter Watt and Didier Rey were able to experience the rare U/10 gift of making half centuries while Matthew Savage took Five wickets in one over.

Our Saints Boys impressed with their ability to tour and market our school values with aplomb. The accompanying parents supported both their own sons and the quality of our opponents. The genuine interaction of our parents with various staff and parents from Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng school proved to add to the positive marketing of our College and One and All brand.

Mr Lennox who the boys nicknamed Mr.“M.O.M” – Mr. Maker of Memories patiently and enthusiastically encouraged each boy -his knowledge of the game and his understanding of each of the twelve boys individual capabilities ensured that many lifelong memories were created.

Reflecting on the festival, I am not sure who was gifted the lifelong memories; the boys or Mr. MOM and myself. Thank you cricket boys for energizing us and reminding us as to the beautiful gift that is teaching boys.

Yours in cricket

Mr. Pascoe