The Grade 7 Visual Learning Project (VLP) Exhibition

August 02, 2016 | Girls’ Preparatory

The Grade 7 Visual Learning Project (VLP) Exhibition is in its 4th year at the Girls’ Prep and has become a highlight of the senior year on our campus.

On the 1st and 2nd August, the girls exhibited personal projects crafted through the process of research and creative thinking. Parents, friends and colleagues were invited to join in the celebration of learning by spending the two mornings walking through the GLT to view and discuss the projects with the girls.

The event is an opportunity to celebrate the learning experiences of the Grade 7s which are a culmination of their years of learning at the Girls’ Prep.  Projects are developed on topics close to the students’ hearts and require significant research. We have seen a variety of exciting topics covered, including one that won an Excellence in Education award in 2015.

During the exhibition, peer assessment is carried out using various rubrics. Following the event, the students spend time on self-reflection and present their final portfolio to their tutors.

The VLP is truly a celebration of all cutting-edge educational practices and gives our students the opportunity to experience the many aspects of their learning journey.


Here are few of the projects: