Welcome Home Matric Class of 2016

September 20, 2016 | Junior Preparatory

Those Matrics who started in Grade R in 2004 excitedly returned to Junior Prep for a morning of reminiscing. They visited their old classrooms, caught up with their Junior Prep teachers, played on the jungle gyms and sang war cries with the present Grade R group of children. Two Grade 1 children, whose big brothers are in matric, were delighted to welcome them back.

Many poignant comments were overheard: “Can you believe we were that small”, “The playground used to be so big”, “This awesome computer room used to be our music room, “The library looks like a ship now, we loved your stories Mrs Viljoen”, “Look at the wonderful new hall” …. and so on. The matrics were also invited to tea with our new Head, Mrs Gayle Harris and were presented with ‘Long Service Award’ certificates.

The morning brought to mind the last verse of the College song:

When school’s a distant memory,

Of happy youthful years,

We’ll oft times look behind us

To all that still endears.

We’ll “One and All” remember,

How could we e’er forget!

That here our ship once anchor’d

And here its course was set.